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Lighting Design

Lighting Your Way, Indoors and Outdoors

Spotlight & Flood



In-Ground & Well

Spotlight & Flood

Variable beam angles to highlight landscape features & architecture with spotlights, while floodlights are great for tree canopies, signage, or walls. Bring these together for perfect up lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, moon lighting, grazing and more.

Walkway & Indicator

A fixture any path should have, increasing visibility and safety while tying into the landscape and other light fixtures. Post and bollard lights for any pathway, step lights, wall lights and more.

Hardscape & Masonry

Bring out the finer details in your masonry work with hardscape lighting. Fixtures with removable mounting systems mean quick replacements with no masonry work needed.

In-Ground & Well

Illuminate walkways, driveways and various paths with heightened visibility and sophistication while silhouetting items nearby

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